Develop a nationally-competitive, ethnically-diverse touring side whose players will demonstrate that DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH;

Implement a multi-tiered marketing strategy that includes a website (ruckracism.com), social media, and merchandising campaign.

  • Updates and news highlighting diversity’s competitive benefits
  • Posts highlighting corporate sponsors’ support of diversity
  • Video content
  • Local media interviews
  • Media/supporter event June 29, 2018, in Oakland, CA
  • West coast tournament schedule in multiple, large media markets
  • Partnerships with responsible, highly visible corporate entities

Partner with youth organizations from cities in tournament locations so they can join the Sharks team and learn what it means to #ruckracism.   The vision is to give participating youth, the rugby community, and the world undeniable evidence of diversity’s benefits.

    • Participating youth will receive a Sharks T-shirt and help the team succeed on the field through working as hydration and support
    • Participating youth will interview players about their experiences with racism
  • Create a repository of “stories” shared by Sharks supporters



Expand the Willamette Valley Sharks invitation side to include a Lady Sharks team with the goal of expanding our support of diversity in support;

Create a coaching academy to share resources on diversity and general coaching topics.



Expand the Sharks invitation to include Middle and Highschool teams for both genders;

Establish franchise teams nationwide;

Create a player academy.

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