The One World Sevens All-Stars–competing in the Pacific Northwest Rugby Football Union as the Willamette Valley Sharks–is a collection of athletes with roots across the globe including Africa, North America, Central America, Micronesia, and Polynesia but proud to call the…


2019 Develop a nationally-competitive, ethnically-diverse touring side whose players will demonstrate that DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH; Implement a multi-tiered marketing strategy that includes a website (ruckracism.com), social media, and merchandising campaign. Updates and news highlighting diversity’s competitive benefits Posts highlighting corporate…


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2019 Combine May 4 at Western Oregon University

A solid recruiting class will be put through the paces at our upcoming combine. We will be on the turf field. Thank you Western Oregon University.

Tour Updates!

Willamette Valley Sharks battle the Ronins during the championship of the Budd Bay Sevens! The Sharks lost a hard-fought final to a talented Ronins side but are anxious for a re-match in two weeks!   2018 OSU Preseason Sevens Tournament…